Doctor of Philosophy

I was born in Odesa, Ukraine and immigrated to the US at the age of nine. Growing up completely bilingual, I discovered my passion for studying literature, languages, and creative writing at Saint Ann’s School. I went on to earn my BA cum laude in Comparative Literature from Yale University and then my PhD in Comparative Literature from Harvard. In the meantime, I worked as a teacher and private tutor at the art camp Idea

My dissertation was about play as a response to crisis in the works of Borges, Pelevin, and Brazilian author Clarice Lispector. Ever since investigating play,  I’ve been trying to incorporate games and playfulness into my teaching and writing. From performing the pages of Dostoevsky to weaving an interactive story using only nouns in Spanish, from asking questions of each jumping, antsy line of a William Carlos Williams poem to questioning the ethics of Lolita from a contemporary feminist standpoint, my students love to play with concepts and techniques, and this is simply delightful.

As a teacher, I believe in the unique potential of every learner. Everyone can make a unique contribution to the classroom because of every learner’s experiences, skill sets, and desires. Neuroscience tells us that we never stop learning, and my Stanford Continuing Studies students from classes on Nabokov and Tolstoy are a true testament to this. I love seeing my adult students rediscover literature and the liberal arts, but I also love teaching ten-year-olds about theme and figurative language. I am passionate about literature, languages, and intellectual inquiry, and love to support learners of all ages and parts of the world. 

My most recent articles include a study of Leo Tolstoy’s use of hallucinogenic dream imagery and stream of consciousness to critique war and a critique of interpretation in favor of a more holistic, attention-based approach to aesthetic experience

I have taught at Harvard, Stanford, UC Davis, and Zayed Universities. Now my journey takes me to Roundtable at the 92nd Street Y, where I am Senior Producer of Content. I’m excited to announce that I am Co-Founder of Personal Professors, a company that aims to provide flexible lifelong learning in the humanities by qualified educators. 

I am also founder of the Art Salon Series, which is an ongoing cultural event throughout New York that creates interdisciplinary conversations in the realm of art, politics, social impact, healthcare, the environment, and beyond. The Art Salon Series is a dual presentation between two curated experts who come from seemingly different fields (at least one in the arts) with the goal of igniting a meaningful dialogue with the audience as well as one another in order to inspire action.

In 2023, I was awarded a grant from The Arts Center of the Capital Region to run a workshop on yoga and poetry for immigrant women as part of their Statewide Commonity Regrants program.

I live in Upstate New York with my family and continue to write poetry. Please be in touch for academic or creative collaboration.